· 23 July 2020
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Video is probably the best way to develop a connection with your patients and prospective patients outside of seeing them in the clinic.

It also allows you to communicate your message to a large number of people and deliver a consistent message.

Not only does video feel more personal than email, but it also adds a ‘celebrity‘ status to you, even though it is easier than ever for anyone to start producing great quality videos using technology that is freely available.

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection, so there is no excuse for you not to get started.

Once you start producing video content and posting it on YouTube, not only can you use it in your own correspondence with patients and on your website, but it will always be available and searchable (YouTube is second only to Google as the world’s largest search engine), which makes it evergreen content.

This means that people will always be able to find it months and even years after you posted it, as opposed to social media content that gets washed away with the tide.

I will go through the 7 key videos for your Private Practice that will get you started on the road to fame and fortune!

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