This is for NHS Consultants who want to take control of the flow of patients in to their private practice.

You don’t need to rely on the Private Hospitals, GPs, insurance companies or the NHS – you can escape from their control and have patients coming to see YOU.

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If you are not satisfied with the course, I will return your money within 3 months after your enrolment, no questions asked.

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"My decision to do the course was quite easy; I only needed to see a few extra new patients to make the money spent worthwhile – it felt like there was little to lose.
One bit of advice that has stuck is that we should be more in control of our businesses, rather than relying on the goodwill of private hospitals to generate our patient referrals."
Dr Richard Shaffer
Consultant Clinical Oncologist

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Unlimited access to all 8 modules of ‘THE ESCAPE PLAN’


Step by step guide that will show you how to build a website from scratch. Including how to set up a Facebook page for your business.

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The Escape Plan Online Course 
How To Build A Website Bonus Course

8 weeks access to The Club membership site and 612 podcast (£197/mth)

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Learn about the important foundations of your practice so that you present yourself more professionally to potential patients.

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Regular content production is key and it is easier than ever to set up your own podcast, which is one of the fastest growing forms of media to communicate your message.

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It is essential to embrace video and we can all produce good quality videos without expensive equipment. During this course, I will outline the 7 videos you need to have in your practice.

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The Escape Plan Online Course
8 Weeks Access To ‘The Club’
How To Build A Website Course
How To Set Up Your Private Practice Course
How To Launch A Podcast Course
7 Video Challenge

8 weeks of coaching calls with JJ to ensure accountability and support (£800/mth)

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In this course I will teach you these core concepts that are contrary to traditional thinking…

Paying for advertising is expensive and short-lived.  You are much better off building your practice by working on the experience that you give to your patients.  Do not put it in the hands of marketers or sales professionals – you are the best person to promote your practice.

Do not go looking for new patients while there are patients on your database who already know about you, that you could talk to and engage with.

Notice I said that you are the best person to promote your practice.  The thing that you are promoting should not necessarily be you.  You should be promoting the experience and the transformation that your patients are likely to achieve.

When you can build tangible processes in to your practice that set you apart from your competitors, you can start to deliver helpful information to patients at all stages of their enquiry.  This leads to an automated systems that delivers an excellent service regardless of how good your secretary is and will work while you are in clinic, on holiday or off sick.

You can help people in more ways than doing procedures or seeing them in clinic.  No matter what speciality you are in, when you think about why patients are coming to see you, it is about a perceived concern or a functional problem.  Doing procedures or seeing patients in clinic is part of the way to helping patients with their problems, but there are other ways that we can help them by providing information and advice which can be done by engaging with patients before they are ready to see you in clinic.

The private sector is different to the NHS.  The NHS is all about the most efficient way of treating large numbers of patients and ensuring significant pathology is prioritised.  We do not need to run our private practice in the same way that we run our NHS practice.  We can acknowledge that healthcare is not all about excluding significant pathology – it is often about giving peace of mind, caring and supporting.  That is why we need to provide information and guidance for patients and not shy away from keeping in touch with patients and offering follow up support, whether or not they have significant pathology.  This does not necessarily need to be done in person and can be achieved with automated processes that deliver audio, video and written information.

Your website has only one job and that is to encourage people in to your store.  It is only the storefront, it is not the whole store. You want to encourage people in to the store to browse whether or not they want to buy anything, so don’t rely on a ‘book now’ or ‘contact us’ button, because this is leading people straight to the till.

The average length of time people spend on your website is measured in seconds, so do not spend too much time and energy on building a comprehensive website with reams of information.  The only important metric to measure the success of your website is how many leads it generates.  Your website should have a ‘lead magnet’ which is a useful document or guide which patients can exchange for their contact details that you can then follow up with to explain the benefits and ethos of your practice.

It is not that your clinical results are not important, of course they are, but they are not important when it comes to building your private practice.  We will assume that you are doing your best to achieve excellent clinical outcomes for all of your patients.  When building a successful private practice, you need to stand out for something other than the clinical results that you get for your patients (although these have to be good).

Clinical results are often subjective and cannot easily be scaled or sold.  If you want a practice that runs more like a business with tangible reasons for a patient to come and see you, there should be things that you can talk about and demonstrate to patients  to show what makes you different.  Your clinical results are only experienced after they have had treatment and are often influenced by many factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you sign up, you will be sent your login in details to access the first module of ‘The Escape Plan’ immediately.

If you have signed up for the 3 C’s package with coaching, I will send you an email to arrange a time for our coaching calls, which will be every week for 8 weeks to coincide with the modules.

The course is set up so that there are activities that will bring in immediate results to your practice and you should be able to achieve a return on your investment within the first few weeks.

I have designed it to give you some quick wins, as well as giving you more long term benefits, that once set up, will bring patients in to your clinic for months and years to come.

The modules are set up as a workshop rather than an educational course and so the focus is on giving you actionable steps rather than loading you with information.

Each module lasts between 15 minutes and an hour and will have a task for you to complete before moving on to the next module.

No.  You will have access to the modules for as long as you need, so you can take it at your own pace.

When I first set up my clinic in 2013, I needed to replace my NHS income and more and the private hospitals stopped sending any patients to my clinic, so my private income took a nosedive.

This led me to going to business seminars and masterminds and I discovered that all businesses have the same goals – to get and keep customers.

It doesn’t matter what speciality you are in or what stage you are at, you should be working at giving people a reason to come and see you and delivering an excellent service.

This is what ‘The Escape Plan’ is all about and is the focus of my coaching and consulting work.

If you take the steps that I outline at each module, you will not fail to start to engage with your patients better and this will result in a change in the way you approach your private practice.

I have done this in my own practice which is why I know it works.

I have no desire to take money from you if you do not benefit from this course or if you find that it does not work for you, and so I am happy to give you a full refund if you find that, after taking the action steps in each module, it has not had an effect on your practice and would like a refund, I will be happy to refund you in full.

All I ask is that you commit to taking the actions, which aren’t always comfortable because we are not used to engaging with our patients, and that you go in to this with a positive outlook and an open mind.

Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that this will work, that I will refund you all your money if you cancel within 3 months.