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MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS – How to turn your private practice in to a business rather than just a job


“Mind Your Own Business, by JJ Staiano should be essential reading for all Consultants that are interested in building a successful private practice that will continue to grow and be sustainable. His advice and principles are based on a combination of his own experience, best practices from business and marketing, with a healthy dose of common sense, with all advice centred on the patient experience.

Whether you are starting out in private practice, or are some years in, Mind Your Own Business will offer you key advice and suggestions, and enable you to reflect on how you are doing things and whether there might be alternatives that will both improve your business and make your life easier – a win-win!.”

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If you buy the book, you can arrange a complimentary 45 minute call with me to talk about your private practice (normally £100).

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