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The MYOB Journey

If you would like to have a private practice that you can control (rather than it controlling you), here are the steps to take.


I wrote this book to give a framework to overwhelmed doctors who don’t know what to do or who to turn to if they want to improve their private practice.  It is difficult talking to colleagues who may be potential competitors and paying marketers or advertising ‘experts’ can quickly become a money pit. Mind Your Own Business introduces The P.E.C.A.N. Approach which I developed to give you a structure on which to focus your efforts so that you can control the growth of your own business.


Let’s set up a 45 minute call so that we can talk about your practice and what you can do to engage more effectively with your patients. Whether or not you go on to become a member of the MYOB Club, we will make plans for your practice and I will help you craft strategies and give you direction to help you achieve a better private practice.

This is a day spent at my clinic in Birmingham (it can also be arranged as a virtual meeting) where we take an overview of your current practice and work out the priorities for you to focus on in order to grow and achieve your goals.  I will follow up with you to ensure your are accountable and that you take action and I offer a full money back guarantee if you do not get a return on your investment in the first 2 months.  I cannot offer this to everyone, so it is by application only and limited to NHS Consultants.


 ‘The Club’ is a place for like-minded consultants with regular content, sharing ideas and experiences. There is the closed ‘Club’ Facebook page and the 612 Podcast with a new episode published every week.  There is a library of webinars and courses to give you inspiration and guidance and to give you the direction you need to take control of your practice.

Like all of my content, there is no tie-in, so you can cancel at any time if you do not feel that you are getting value for your money.  If you take regular steps to improve your practice, you should see a good return on your £197/month investment.

This is an 8 week online course where I take you through a step by step process to put systems in place in your practice that will allow it to run like a business that will consistently deliver an excellent experience to your patients.  You will be able to differentiate yourself and build tangible steps that you can demonstrate to patients the value that you offer.  This is for doctors who want to replace their NHS income with their private income to give them the flexibility to work on their terms.

There are a variety of options starting at £497, including one with an 8 week subscription to ‘The Club’ and another with one-to-one support with me.

This is for consultants who want to scale their private practice. 

We have a meeting every quarter at my clinic in Edgbaston and we have an accountability call every two weeks. 

This is for consultants who want to make the growth of their private practice an integral part of their working week and who realise that the only way to scale a business like ours is to put in place assets that can deliver revenue without the need for your personal input, whether that be digital or physical information and support, or leveraging people and having other consultants working with you.

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Take Control of your practice

Join other like-minded Consultants who want to build a better Private Practice for their patients

Learn how to work on your Private Practice so that you can deliver more value to patients and differentiate yourself from your colleagues

"Brilliant, a real eye opener to aspects of running a business that I had not properly engaged with (as I think is typical of most surgeons really)"

STAIANO Consulting

Who Is JJ Staiano?

JJ Staiano is a Doctor with a background in hospitality.  He was brought up in a hotel in Cornwall and his family have been involved with hotels and shops in Cornwall, London and Capri, Italy.

He is a fully trained Plastic Surgeon who left the NHS in 2013 to set up The STAIANO Clinic, a boutique Plastic Surgery Clinic in Edgbaston specialising in Breast and Body Contouring.

JJ loves to share his experience in building up a successful business that is not dependant on the NHS, insurance companies or the Private Hospitals.

He is married with 3 children.

Hear What Others Have To Say

“JJ it was great to spend some time with you and focus on my private practice. Fantastic to have an experienced practitioner outside of my specialty to mentor me in making changes to improve my practice. I’m confident that I have been given useful information to grow my practice and my income. Well done!”

Let's Do This.

If you want to have a more sustainable and rewarding Private Practice, you need to realise the need to start investing in your Practice and spending time working on the service that you are delivering to your patients.

'The Club' Facebook Group

‘The Club’ Facebook Group is a private group only open to members of the MYOB.club.  It is a place to share ideas and get support in a safe environment.

Every Thursday at 6:12pm, I do a Live Broadcast in the group with a different tip or nugget to help you to grow your Practice.  You can see a recording of one of the episodes below:

The 612 Podcast

A recording of the Facebook Live broadcast is posted on a Private Podcast every week exclusively for members of the MYOB club.

The first 10 episodes of the 612 Podcast are available for non-members to give you a flavour of what you can expect.

If you want to transform your Practice, then you need to start making changes.

We will talk about how you can introduce processes in to your practice to ensure that you deliver a consistently excellent service over and above the clinical work that you do.