JJ’s Gems

JJ's Gems

Listen to these words of wisdom from the sage

Don't Be A Cowboy Builder

Watch this video below where I compare many plastic surgeons with Cowboy Builders!

Phone Is The Kindling, Email Is The Fuel

It is important to have a process for dealing with an initial enquiry. This is essential if you want to build a successful private practice but is also good medical care. Remember: ☎️PHONE is the KINDLING 🔥 📧EMAIL is the FUEL 🚂

Money Is Not A Goal

Money is not a goal.The goal is what money can achieve whether that be more freedom or that private yacht you’ve always wanted.If you just want more money then that isn’t enough motivation… you need a goal!

How To Develop Your Personal Brand


How To Make A Great First Impression

You need to think about the experience that your patients are having right from their first point of contact with you. If you can get 7 yeses before they see you, you will set the scene for a great relationship.

Be Your Brand

Take a look inside my discovery day as I speak to a fellow consultant colleague about being your brand!

5 Do's & Don'ts Of Emailing Your List

The No 1. most important thing that you must do is to email your list.Your list of patients is very valuable and you should look after them by giving valuable and relevant information.…but the No.1 think that YOU MUST NOT DO is to send a mass email out with all of your patients on the cc list!Learn the 5 Do’s and Don’ts of emailing your list here.

Profit Is For When You Run Out Of Ideas

I have just heard this quote 'Profit is for when you run out of ideas' and it resonated with me because my profit has taken a huge battering since I opened my own clinic, but I have been investing and building assets.That is what it means to build and run a business.The profit is for when you run out of ideas!