Setting Up Your Private Practice Course



Whether you are an established Consultant or just starting out.

How much time have you given to how your Private Practice is set up?

 How much thought have you given to why patients should come and see you rather than one of your colleagues?

The skills required to run a successful Private Practice are different to the skills required to run a successful NHS Practice

…and these skills are never taught to you in Medical School

Set up your Practice so that it looks professional and reflects the level of clinical care that you are giving to your patients.

If you want more patients in your Practice, don’t waste money on advertising if you have not got an appealing and attractive proposition when patients find you.

If you concentrate on setting up your Practice well, you will not need to pay for advertising

Most of us don’t need more patients to know about us, we just need to look after the ones that already do.

This means:

  • giving people information
  • answering the phone
  • and following up

Get Started

There is demand for your services right now and so there is no time like the present to let people know who you are, what you stand for and what you can do to help them.

What Do You Want?

Decide on what you want your Private Practice to look like (and whether you want one at all!).  Take some time to think about what sort of service you would like to offer to your patients.


The help that is available to small businesses like ours is phenomenal.  You don’t need to hire a team of staff to create an image of professionalism and efficiency in terms of your administration and call handling.

Online Presence

It is essential to have an online presence in this day and age and we will talk about how you do that and I will show you how easy it is to put the essential components together.

Who is this course for?

  • Medical Consultants who want to have more control over the service they give to their patients
  • Not matter what stage you are at in your Private Practice, whether you are just getting started or have been doing it for years, if you are not sure if the phone is always answered and you don’t know how you get enquiries, this is for you.
  •  If you are spending money on advertising and do not feel that you are getting a good return, perhaps you need to take a look at what the patient sees when they respond to your adverts.

Course Factfile

Structure: Online modules (take at your own pace)

Tutor: JJ Staiano

Price: £497 (for lifetime access)

(normally £197/month)

Includes 4 weeks of access to the MYOB Club

The MYOB Club is a membership site exclusively for Consultants interested in growing their Private Practice.

You will have full access to:

'The Club' Facebook group

a closed group where you can share ideas and where I host my 612 live broadcast every Thursday at 6:12pm


all of my webinars are stored here including 'How To Add Value And Differentiate Yourself From The Masses' and 'What Is A CRM And Why You Need One'

The 612 Podcast

a private podcast with the recording from 'The Club' Facebook page


you will have access to my '7 Video Challenge' and 'How To Build A Podcast' courses

The best time to start setting up your Practice properly is YESTERDAY, but failing that...START NOW!

Learn From My Mistakes

Spend some time thinking about how to set up your Private Practice properly.

Time Waits For No Man
JJ Staiano, Plastic Surgeon

About Me

I have been a Consultant Plastic Surgeon since 2007 and I opened my own Private Clinic in Edgbaston in Birmingham in 2013.

I set up STAIANO Consulting in 2017 to work with NHS Consultants who want to grow their Private Practice by delivering a better service to their patients.

I believe that Private Practice is often treated as a second class service by many Consultants with an NHS practice.

I understand the pressures of working in the NHS and the challenges of trying to balance this with a Private Practice.

I have found that working on my Private Practice has been tremendously rewarding and I left the NHS in 2012 to work on it full-time.

I now run The STAIANO Clinic, a boutique clinic offering a first-class service in beautiful surroundings.