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Strictly for Consultants in Private Practice who want to learn tactics and strategies to deliver a more consistent and predictable stream of patients

“Knowing is not enough.
We must APPLY.
Willing is not enough.
We must DO”

Bruce Lee

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It is no longer enough to just rely on your clinical abilities if you want a successful Private Practice

The MYOB Club is the only place in the UK where you will find practical tips and strategies that you can implement right away.

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JJ Staiano

Director of The STAIANO Clinic

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Our Core Values

Having struggled to pay the bills when initially opening my Plastic Surgery Clinic in  2013, I was forced to look at my Private Practice like a business rather than just a job.

I am now passionate about helping other Consultants to learn the mindset and techniques that it takes to build a predictable practice that they can control.

JJ Staiano

Director of The STAIANO Clinic

Having been brought up in the Hotel Industry, JJ has always had an eye for entrepreneurship and giving service.

As a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, he set up The STAIANO Clinic with a view to deliver a better experience to his patients in five-star surroundings.

STAIANO Consulting

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Times are changing and if you want to be in control of your Private Practice rather than having it controlled by the Private Hospital or Insurance Companies, you need to start developing a personal brand.

Why You Need A Website

and what you need to have on it

Where To Focus Your Efforts

The most efficient use of your time

How To Handle Enquiries

the basics that you must master

Look After Your Patients

word of mouth is the best advertisement

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