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How To Have A Better Private Practice

Discover the stages that patients go through and realise that this is where you should focus your efforts if you are going to build a better private practice

How To Add Value And Differentiate Yourself From The Masses

Learn about ‘value attributes’ and understand why Uber is so successful and how you can be too.

What Is A CRM And Why You Need One

Hear me talk about how you can use the CRM, Infusionsoft in your Private Medical Practice.

How To Get More Patients In Your Private Practice

Live webinar where I talk about how to get more patients in to your private practice without paying for advertising.

5 Fundamental Areas That You Need To Address In Your Private Practice

I will cover 5 fundamental areas that you need to address in your Private Practice before you even start to think about paying for advertising.

How To Grow Your Private Practice During Lockdown

Learn how to use this opportunity to look at your Private Practice through the eyes of your patient so that you can come out of it giving a better service with a solid value proposition.

How To Handle Complaints

Complaints are inevitable and we need to be prepared for them and to develop systems to protect us and minimise the damage that they cause

10X Your Service With No Extra Cost

Better outcomes come from giving your patients an overall better experience, not just your clinical results.The patient is the ultimate judge and you can have an unhappy patient with a good clinical outcome if they have not been looked after well (and vice versa).It is hard to differentiate on our clinical results and much easier to differentiate on our serviceSpend time thinking about how you can help patients before, during and after their procedure.If you do what everyone else is doing, you are probably doing the wrong thingDon't focus on looking for new patients, this is a short term strategy and is difficult and expensive.

3 Areas That You Are Neglecting Your Patients

I will be talking about the three areas where most doctors neglect their patients which will have profound consequences on your bottom line and your patient's feeling of value.Running a successful private practice is all about looking after your patients and thinking about how you can add value to the service that you offer.I will cover the three areas that I have found have made the most impact in my practice and I will be sharing my strategies for engaging with patients and growing your bottom line while making patients think better of you..

How To Get More Enquiries From Your Website

Better an ugly website that generates enquiries than a pretty website that doesn't.The lifeblood of your private practice is to have a steady stream of enquiries and your website is the key to this.