Worker Smarter, Not Harder Webinar



What do you want out of life?

If you love doing your job and want to be busier, then I can help you to do that.

What if you just like your job, rather than love it, and want to have more income but don’t necessarily want to be busier in your actual job?

If you really want to have a successful business, rather than a successful job, then you need to look at ways to increase your earnings without you actually having to do more ‘work’.

That is the difference between a business and a job

Stop Trading Your Time For Money

  • One of the main problems of being a doctor, is that we work ‘time for money’.
  • We only get paid when we are working, so if we are on holiday or off sick, we do not earn any money (at least in the private sector).

Earn Money While You Are On Holiday At The Beach

  • The peace of mind that comes from earning money when you are on holiday means that you can enjoy your downtime and have a much more stable source of income without having peaks and troughs.

Build A Business That Can Scale

  • If you want to scale your private practice, you have to change the way that you look at what you are offering.

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How To Add WhatsApp Workshop

Would you like to have a WhatsApp button on your website, so that patients can contact you more easily?

I can only envisage one answer to that question.


What possible reason could you have to say no?

It is like saying that you wouldn’t want a phone number or contact form on your website.

The only point in having a website is to get patients and potential patients to contact you.

When you add to the mix that it is free and it takes about 20 minutes to add it, it really is unbelievable that we don’t all have them.

How To Use WhatsApp Webinar

WhatsApp is a free resources that is better than many paid options.
There is no excuse for not incorporating WhatsApp in to your private practice.
You should be looking for ways to better engage and communicate with your patients and WhatsApp is a great resource for this.

Lead Magnet Webinar

If You Want To See More Patients In Your Clinic, You Need More Enquiries.

If your website is not generating enquiries, then it is not working
Most people think that your website needs to look nice, have relevant content and be easy to navigate…

…but they are wrong

5 Fundamental Areas Webinar

I will cover 5 fundamental areas that you need to address in your Private Practice before you even start to think about paying for advertising.

2 of them you can implement right away
2 of them will need you to work on them
1 of them will be your life’s work